Overflow Legacy exists to glorify God and share Christ through music, service, and uplifting interactions, acknowledging that this world desperately needs to see the hope of the gospel and to experience the love of Jesus Christ. Second to that, Overflow Legacy represents Word of Life Fellowship both in the United States and abroad.


Abby Nolt
Age: 20 years Old
Where I'm From: Pennsylvania
Role: Keys/Vocals

“I am looking forward to connecting with teenagers and encouraging them with truth. I'm also looking forward to making good music with the team!”

Noah Stoudt
Age: 22 years old
Where I'm From: New York
Role: Bass/Vocals

“I am looking forward to life on the road. I'm also excited to share the gospel with those around us and see it renew their hearts and lives.”

Anna VanBeveren
Age: 20 years old
Where I'm From: Virginia
Role: Vocals

"I am looking forward to cultivating healthy biblical community and maturing in my musical ability."

Gabriel Mellette
Age: 19 years old
Where I'm From: Montreal, Canada
Role: Drums

“I am excited to play some great music and make a joyful noise to the Lord.”

Liane Daut
Age: 18 years old
Where I'm From: France
Role: Guitar/Vocals

“I am looking forward to being stretched in my faith and to living it out loud. I want to make Jesus known, and I'm excited to spend time and grow together as a band.”

Joel Sathyadass
Age: 22 years old
Where I'm From: India
Role: Guitar/Vocals

"I am looking forward to learning from the churches and ministries we visit and being stretched through the experience of life on the road."

Andre Casillas
Age: 23 years old
Where I'm From: Florida
Role: Audio Tech

“I am looking forward to ministering in many different places using the gifts God has given me.”

Bobby Brown
Age: 24 years old
Where I'm From: Florida
Role: Recruiter/Band Manager

“I am excited to minister to students around the country and see how God will use us to grow, challenge and encourage them. I am also looking forward to working with this new team and watching God mold us to be more like Him through the traveling process.”

All of us for All of Him

“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16