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Student Missions

Student Missions is a chance for students to impact the world: in a group, as an individual, for a few weeks, or a few months. Who says you need a diploma to be used by God?

Missions Opportunities

Whether you’re thinking about a short term work trip, teaching English overseas, or a full-time commitment to missions, we have opportunities where you can plug in to what God is doing around the world.

Our Missionaries

Our missionaries are dedicated to furthering the kingdom of God around the world. They work hard everyday to further the Gospel and bring people to Jesus.

Missions Locations

Word of Life has locations all over the world. Want to find out how you can be praying for a country or get information about which missionaries serve in a country?

161,314 Salvations

161,314 people indicated that they accepted Christ as Savior in the past year. In Argentina alone there were 24,154.

69 Countries

Word of Life has active ministries in 69 different countries around the world. With a foundation of Biblical principles we are enabled to have global impact that spans borders and crosses cultures.

1,129 Active Bible Clubs

There are 1,129 Word of Life Bible Clubs outside the USA. 287 of these are in the country of Nigeria. These clubs reach children and students in churches around the world teaching universal biblical principles for Christian growth.

86,280 Campers

Each year thousands of campers attend Word of Life Camps around the world. Lives are changed for eternity with the power of the Gospel and countless campers dedicate their lives to follow Jesus.

1,327 Missionaries

Our Missionaries come from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life. They are normal people just like you who have dedicated their lives to serving Jesus wherever He calls them. Want to find out more about them? Look through our Missionary Directory.

14 Bible Institutes

There are 14 Word of Life Bible Institutes around the world: Brazil, the USA and Canada, as well as in Argentina, Germany, Hungary, the Philippines, South Korea, Uganda, Ukraine, Mexico, and Venezuela.


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