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Alternative Halftime Show

Word of Life is excited to provide you, your church, and your family with a free, God-honoring alternative to the Halftime Show.

When you watch the Word of Life Alternative Halftime Show, you’ll see unbelievable live stunts performed by professional athletes, huge prize giveaways, and more–trust us, you definitely won’t be missing out. The best part? The Alternative Halftime Show is an evangelistic event, so every student who attends your party will have the chance to hear the gospel.

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What is the program?

This year, we are excited to feature a crazy stunt featuring 2022 World Champion Wakeboarder Mary Morgan Howell, as well as Olympic Snowboarder Andy Finch, with an appearance by wakeskater Matt Manzari. Be sure to watch our Word of Life Social Media pages the week before the event, as we will be releasing more details about this extreme sports segment.  

Right in the middle of the broadcast, we will break from the action, and Tommy Sewall (the Director of Word of Life’s New York Youth and Teen Camps) will share a short gospel message as well as give students a chance to respond via text. More information on the gospel message can be found in the FAQ section below.

FAQs (answered by Tommy Sewall)

Is this just a big commercial for WOL?

I have had some questions wondering how strongly Word of Life is going to be advertised during this event, and I certainly understand this concern. When I see an event like this being put on by a ministry, I assume there is going to be a hefty sales pitch or at least some steady advertising throughout the event. This, however, is not the case for the Alternative Halftime Show. A generous friend of Word of Life helps make this event possible, so we don’t do any marketing during the actual show. Some of our promo videos will play during the countdown and after the show is over, but nothing during the actual event. We do follow up with those who enter the giveaways with promotional emails, but entering in the drawing is not required for participation in the event.

How would you describe the extreme stunts (impressive, or cheesy)

As an action sports athlete myself, this would be my first question. We have the privilege of working with world-class athletes, both in the actual performance and in the planning process. We also have an excellent team behind this live production, and they specialize in making creative use of the resources we have. With all of this in mind, I would describe these stunts as fun, impressive, and not cheesy. For a sneak peek at the type of stunts that will be featured during the show, follow @wolisland and @tsewall on Instagram. 

What do you mean by “gospel message?”

This is a good question and one that we are happy to answer. We certainly understand the wide variety of messages in Christendom that could fall under that title, so we will take the time to explain. The message will be short and use the following outline:
God created us for a relationship with Him. Sin destroyed that relationship and separated us from God. God loved us and wanted to restore this lost relationship so much that He sacrificed His only Son, Jesus, on the cross, where His perfect life paid the penalty for our sins at His death, and then He rose again from the grave, demonstrating His power over death. Jesus offers to restore that lost relationship now and forever in eternity if we simply call on His name and put our faith in His work on the cross. We will invite listeners to say a prayer but will acknowledge that it’s not a prayer that saves us; it is by believing in our heart the message of the gospel.
(If you are interested in hearing what we shared in the past, you can view the show here:  https://vimeo.com/388772226. Skip to 1:52:30 for the message.)

What will the prizes be?

We haven’t nailed down the exact prizes yet, but as soon as we do, we will communicate that information so you can use it to help motivate your students to attend. To give you some perspective, in the past, we gave away AirPods, an Xbox Series S, and a Nintendo Switch.