In part 5 of this series we listen in as Dr. Davis finishes up taking us through the Tribulation.  If you weren’t able to listen to the first four parts of this series or even the first part of the tribulation , we recommend you go back and listen to them as they are packed with amazing truths from God’s word.

Here are some resources that Dr. Davis suggest.

In this order of “immediate helpfulness”:

  1. A study Bible:
    1. Ryrie Study Bible
    2. NIV Study Bible
    3. Nelson’s Study Bible
  2. A Bible Dictionary: Zondervan’s Pictorial Bible Dictionary
  3. An Exhaustive Concordance (for the version of the Bible you prefer) such as:
    1. Strong’s
    2. Young’s
  1. A word study book such as Vine’s Expository Dictionary of NT Words
  2. A general commentary such as The Bible Knowledge Commentary (two volumes, OT & NT) edited by Walvoord.
  3. An in-depth commentary (The Expositor’s Bible Commentary edited by Frank Gaebelein).

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