At Word of Life we desire to support and recognize other like-minded ministries that share our core principles. In this article we are recognizing Change of 1 Ministry of Gloversville, NY, an organization that exemplifies our principles of Experience, Outreach, Life-Change, and Eternal Impact.

It’s All Around Us

One cannot turn on the news, the radio, or open up any news or social media webpage without being confronted with the harsh realities of life. From poverty and addiction to depression and suicide, humanity is riddled with various issues that range from large-scale crises to private, hidden ones. Every city, town, or village has its share of broken lives, and some more than others. In search of God’s salt and light in the midst of darkness, I looked to Gloversville, NY, where I found a ministry that is singularly and relentlessly determined to bring Christ’s love and grace to its inhabitants. I sat down with Donn Truax, founder and executive director of Change of 1 Ministry (C1) of Gloversville, NY.

Donn was a professional soccer player living in North Carolina. He was a part of a large church at which he was active in the youth ministry as well as foreign missions. He lived in a community that was culturally Christian, where people had a lifelong exposure to Christianity. To Donn and his wife Cyndie, all seemed well and things were looking great. Then one day in 2009, Donn had a feeling that was weighing heavy on his heart. He prayed and asked God what His will was for his life and the lives of his family. Seemingly out of nowhere, Donn received his answer.
Soon after, Donn approached his wife about where the Lord was leading them. He told Cyndie that God was calling them to the ministry work in Gloversville, NY. One can only imagine the feeling of resignation that Cyndie would be expected to feel, however this was not the case! Cyndie was in full support of Donn’s call to Gloversville, therefore confirming it in Donn’s mind that it was of the Lord. However this did require a great deal of prayer, godly council, and thorough planning, with a team of church staff and other fellow believers involved to ensure its authenticity as a calling.

How C1 Got Started

In 2010 the doors of C1 officially opened, with its non-profit status and a board of directors, they were ready to conquer Gloversville for the Lord. Initially, C1’s mission was to reach the teenage demographic. However it has evolved into something with a much wider scope. C1 has become a multifaceted ministry which aims to impact lives for Christ. After being exposed to the subculture that is within Gloversville, Donn was led by the Lord to reach the various groups within the city. In the summer months, the youth ministry at C1 is working seemingly nonstop. The Back to School Bash has been one of the most successful events, where students receive school supplies and backpacks. This past summer, 640 students received a backpack!

Alongside the youth ministry, there are other various ministries that C1 has become known for. There are various small groups for the different walks of life within Gloversville and its surrounding communities. What stood out the most was the effort to reach the people that are deeply hurting and struggling through life. C1 has become a safe haven for the homeless, those who struggle with addiction, suicide, and those who have other day to day struggles. The main point of the ministry is this: No one has to go it alone, because through Christ, no one is alone, we are all in this world together. Donn shared with me that the “1” in C1 is Christ. He is the One that they fight for day to day and is the One who strengthens and empowers them to serve. The Christ-centeredness of C1 is readily apparent.

Change of 1 Ministry is a social action ministry through and through. It seeks to make a community impact that is both physical and spiritual. It truly exemplifies both Christ’s healing ministry as well as His preaching ministry. C1 is always looking for those who would like to help out, either temporarily or regularly. I whole-heartedly encourage anyone and everyone to pay C1 a visit; to help or be helped, to heal or to be healed.

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