Sending students to change the world



Student Fusion is designed to maximize mission opportunities for youth ages 15-22. Either coming as an individual or with your entire youth group to join with other individuals and groups, our desire is for your personal spiritual growth as individually as well as growth in fellowship with others.


THe process

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    Pre-Field (At Home) Training

    We offer pre-field training while at home through webinars, instructional material on how to share ones testimony and an easy to read yet inspirational and informational book.

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    This section of Student Fusion trips trains, teaches, and equips students to not only be ready for the following 10 days to 2 weeks on the foreign field.

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    On-Field Experience

    You and your team could find yourself counseling and running a camp in the jungle, sharing the Gospel with people on the streets of the Capital city or washing dishes in a kitchen.

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    Post-Trip Experience

    Once home our desire is to take the things learned and to put them in to action for life.

Current Trips

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