Joseph is a teen from north Georgia who came to Word of Life Camp in Florida with a church youth group he’d just met. He left having accepted Christ as his savior, and with a strong conviction that his attendance at camp was not by chance, but a divine appointment.

None of this would even have been possible if a youth pastor, Stephen, in northeast Atlanta had not contacted another youth pastor, Tony, 80 miles away in the northwest Atlanta area to offer up a paid spot to camp. The two youth pastors had connections because of their involvement with Word of Life Student Ministries, and when one of Stephen’s students decided not to attend, Tony offered up the paid spot to Joseph.

While at camp, Joseph was immediately surrounded by counselors, staff and other believers who cared about him and were committed to demonstrating the Gospel. One counselor, Reggie, had discernment early on that he needed to share the Gospel with Joseph, and even before the salvation message was presented to the group that night, Joseph had chosen to accept Christ as his Savior! Here is Joseph’s story in his own words:

“I feel as if this was not by chance. Before camp, I met Monashi. She mentioned Mt. Zion Baptist Church, and I decided to give it a shot. I began to love it. I became great friends with Tony, the youth pastor, and after only going there a few times, Monashi brought up the WOL camp. Tony said there was a slot open, and when Monashi heard about it, she begged me to go.

At first I didn’t think I could go because it was so sudden and because of financial problems. It turns out I was able to go, and it had to be God’s doing. Within the first few hours there, I was saved in the name of Jesus with help from one of my counselors, Reggie Jean. As I confessed and accepted Jesus as my Savior, it felt like the world around me was spinning. Not metaphorically, but literally. Once we were done, everyone around me was happy and congratulated me. Especially my new best friends I had met from my cabin. I don’t think I have ever met friends like these guys. I’m keeping in touch with them even after camp.

The WOL camp was by far the greatest and most memorable trip I’ve ever had. I went in confused and learning about Christianity, but left saved with new brothers, a loving partner, and a heavenly father.”

You can be a part of helping a young person who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend camp have the chance to hear the life-changing message of the Gospel through the Life Change Scholarship Fund. Click here to learn more about how different friends like you are having an eternal impact on the lives of students like Joseph.

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