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Our Mission

Student Fusion brings together a diverse team of students and leaders, puts them through a week of in depth training then sends them to a foreign country. Different language, food, transportation, customs, hygiene, and everything else you can think of!

It’s just you and your team, put there with the monumental task of sharing the Gospel of Jesus. You’ll be sharing Jesus with people who probably can’t visit a church. People who can’t flip past nineteen Christian radio stations or listen to sermons on the internet. People who are lost, and nothing’s going to change that until someone like you is called by God to bring His light into their darkness.
Student Fusion is your chance to truly impact the world with the power of the Gospel.
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    Pre-Field (At Home) Training

    We offer pre-field training while at home through webinars, instructional material on how to share ones testimony and an easy to read yet inspirational and informational book.

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    The first 3-4 days of our trips are always designed to be pre-field training together as a team in either Schroon Lake, NY or Hudson, FL at each respected Bible Institute. In these “Bootcamps” we bond as a team, learn God’s heart beat for the world through seminars and interactive teaching, and thoroughly learn and develop our evangelism/discipleship tools and methods.
    We use the ACT 111 training from Evantell Ministries to effectively cover what the Gospel is, how to share it, and how we can use our own testimony/stories to do so. The “Bootcamp” section of Student Fusion trips trains, teaches, and equips students to not only be ready for the following 10 days to 2 weeks on the foreign field, but it prepares them for being an effective disciple and disciple maker for Jesus wherever they are at.

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    On-Field Experience

    Our desire for our on field experience varies from field to field. But our overarching desire is to be a blessing to the full time missionaries on the field, to be involved in evangelism/discipleship, and to be actively participating in the local churches of the area we are going to.This takes form in different ways. You and your team could find yourself counseling and running a camp in the jungle, sharing the Gospel with people on the streets of the Capital city or washing dishes in a kitchen.
    While these may be some of the main ways we do ministry we look for ways to use the gifts God has given you so that you can be effective in what God has equipped you with.Each trip is led by experienced missionaries and missions mobilizers. These trip leaders are assisted with Word of Life Bible Institute students as the trip counselors who’s main responsibility is to pour their lives into the high school students while on these trips. We begin each day with morning devotions and time together as a team family and end each day with evening devotions and reflection on the day’s ministry opportunities. This allows the students to comprehend as well as verbalize what they have learned throughout that day.- Trips usually vary from 14-20 days (those numbers include our Bootcamp days)- Locations vary from Africa, Caribbean, Central & South America, Europe and Asia.

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    Post-Trip Experience

    Once home our desire is to take the things learned and to put them in to action for life, not store them as memories and pictures in a scrapbook. We do this by giving utilizing our last couple of nights of evening devotions while on the field to prepare for life application once back home as well as having a follow up webinar that students can choose to attend online for post-trip acclamation information.

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    How to apply for a passport:

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    During the summer after your Junior year of high school you can earn a $1,000 scholarship to WOLBI

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    During the summer after your Senior year of high school you can earn a $2,000 scholarship to WOLBI

Current Trip Opportunities

  • Student Missions
    Student Ministry
    New York CIty
    July 8, 2018 - July 14, 2018
    New York City – Student Fusion

    New York City is where the world joins in one city. We are told to make disciples of all nations — the nations converge in NYC! Come personally serve and learn alongside a seasoned, full time Open Air Evangelism team in sharing the Gospel in NYC! Our NYC team will participate in public gospel presentations, distribute literature and engage in conversations with the people in NYC.

  • Student Missions
    Student Ministry
    Dominican Republic
    July 8, 2018 - July 17, 2018
    Dominican Republic – Student Fusion

    Have you wanted to do a short-term mission trip but don’t have the time to spend 2-3 weeks out of your summer? The Student Fusion Dominican Republic trip is the trip for you!
    In a short but life changing 10 days, you can be a part of ministering in local churches, helping a weekend camp, and touch the lives of little children in need of hearing about Jesus. Stay at the Word of Life camp property that is right on the ocean as you help work on camp property projects.
    This trip is the shortest we have for this summer but by far is the most ministry jam-packed! Come join us.

  • Student Missions
    Student Ministry
    July 8, 2018 - July 22, 2018
    Bermuda – Student Fusion

    Do you love camp? Have a passion for seeing people come to know Jesus as their Savior? Have you ever thought of being a part of camp on a Caribbean island? Bermuda is your opportunity! Student Fusion is excited to extend the offer to you to come join in an amazing Caribbean mission unlike any we have had in a long time. Come help us counsel, teach, and run camp by loving students in the name of Jesus! There will also be opportunities to partner with local churches and be a blessing to them through activities in the community.

  • Student Missions
    Student Ministry
    July 1, 2018 - July 14, 2018
    Panama – Student Fusion

    From the beautiful Word of Life property in Panama, you can be a part of interacting with students at the Discipleship Training Center, be involved in reach out to communities in open town square ministry, local schools, and churches. Panama is a country that is open to hearing about the Gospel. Come partner with full-time missionaries and be a blessing to the Panamanian people! What better way to spend a couple weeks of your summer than investing into lives for eternity?!
    This trip leaves from Florida.

  • Student Missions
    Student Ministry
    July 8, 2018 - July 27, 2018
    Uganda – Student Fusion

    Known as the “Pearl of Africa” Uganda will be a trip you do not want to miss out on! We will be partnering with Word of Life Bible Institute in Uganda to minister in local schools and churches. Word of Life Bible Institute exists to evangelize and disciple young people and give them a solid foundation in the Bible! Come emerge yourself in the African culture and see how the missionaries are using this purpose to reaching the Ugandan people with the Gospel of Jesus. Our Bible Institute in Uganda is one of the newest schools that Word of Life runs! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see and be a part of what God is doing!

  • Student Missions
    Student Ministry
    July 8, 2018 - July 27, 2018
    Spain – Student Fusion

    Come be a part of a trip like no other! Through partnering with Word of Life missionaries in Spain you will be running 2 weeks of camp; 1 week at International Camp and 1 week at Beach Camp. Interspersing the weeks of camp there will be opportunities to serve local churches and Bible clubs. If you have a heart for service, counseling, high energy, or even behind the scenes type ministry this is the trip for you! Come experience ministry in one of the most beautiful European countries and the 3rd most visited country in the world. Even with its major tourism influence, it is a nation that is in deep need of hope and security in the person of Jesus Christ. Come share hope with the youth of Spain!





Support raising is best done with the “go ahead” from your Parents, Pastor, and church missions board. We recommend setting up a meeting with your Pastor soon after you and your parents have decided that this mission’s trip is something God is leading you to do.

Once you have your Pastor’s blessing, most participants will do any combination of the following methods for support raising:
• Send out a prayer letter explaining the trip they are going on, what their financial needs are and expressing how God led them to the trip (make sure to include support slips and the link to your online giving site. You can find a sample letter, your support slips, and your online giving link all on your Student Missions Account).
• Present your trip to your church, Sunday school and/or Youth Group. Share the same items as you would in a prayer letter, but perhaps incorporate a PowerPoint with pictures of the country you are going to and be sure to provide your support slips afterwards for those who would like to give.
• Hold a fundraiser. Whether it’s a bake sale or a car wash, make sure people know who they are supporting! Bring copies of your prayer letter and support slips for those who want to give later, or a second time.
• Post on your Facebook wall about your trip and provide the online giving link.
• Meet with your family, members of your church, and your friends to present your trip and why you want to go, face to face.
• Make prayer cards or refrigerator magnets with your picture and online giving link to remind people to pray for you and support you financially.

BootCamp training week is an intense time of team building, training and practice! Some of the items you’ll be learning are:
• Personal Evangelism: We will teach you during BootCamp how to share your faith effectively, and give you opportunities while on the trip to share (often times through a translator)what God has done in your life.
• Music: We will be learning songs for each trip as to be prepared to help minister through song while on the field!
• Drama: A drama team will be chosen during BootCamp to practice specific dramas that will set the stage for a Gospel presentation.
• Children’s Ministry: Whether it’s making balloon animals, sharing a drama, singing, playing interactive games or sharing your testimony in a way that a child can understand, children are important to the Lord and we often find that the opportunities to minister to them are endless!
• Speaking through a translator: Most of the countries we travel to have a first language other than English, because of this and in order to be effective in ministry; we often utilize the help of translators. During Boot Camp we will practice techniques for working with a translator to help you feel more comfortable and be able to communicate clearly.
• Dealing with culture shock: Whether it’s your first time out of the country or not, travelling to and living in a different culture than your own can be challenging. Our staff will walk you through some country specific details so that you have a better idea of what to expect and tools for dealing with homesickness, different food and languages.
• Team building: There is nothing more encouraging than to be a part of a close-knit team. God’s Word makes it very clear that when we are unified, He is glorified! We will be taking time to get to know each other and grow together, even before we go to the missions field and serve together.
• Family time: A time of sharing, worship, and prayer as a team with your trip staff.
We like to take our teams sightseeing during the overseas portion of the trip! This is a fun time to relax, buy some souvenirs, eat some authentic food, and enjoy some time with your team members and the missionary staff. Depending on which country we are in, this might include a trip to the beach, a safari tour, going to a museum, or hiking up an old volcano! This will only be a very short portion of our time on the field, however. We are there to minister and not on vacation.
Student Missions recruits students from all over the country to participate in our missions trips! Most of these students range from 15 to 22 and we average around 40-50 students per trip!We also recruit students from the Word of Life Bible Institute First Year program to join us as trip counselors. These Bible Institute students will stay in the dorms with trip participants and act as mentors and accountability partners for the student participants.We have a team of full time Word of Life staff who lead our trips as well. These leaders have served for several years with our International Ministries office and have travelled extensively and have led many student trips. Additionally, our trips are always in partnership with the missionaries in the country where we are serving so we have additional missionary staff and translators who join us once we arrive overseas!
During Boot Camp you will be housed at the Word of Life Bible Institute. Our training will be inside the First Year class room, as well as the student library, and meals will be eaten in the Bible Institute dining hall. We are excited to partner with the Bible Institute and feel that their facility allows us the best atmosphere for training and team building!In most cases you will be housed at a Word of Life property overseas, however, in a few cases Word of Life does not have housing for a team of our size and we will stay at hotels or missionary staff houses. You will always be housed with other members of your team, trip leaders, and staff.
While it varies, we recommend that you allow for a minimum of 2-3 months after submitting your passport application. We will need to know how your name is written on your passport (or how you wrote it on your passport application) in order to finalize your ticket, so it’s best that you apply early in the process!
There are no discounts or scholarships towards the cost of the Student Missions Trips. Each participant is required to raise the full amount for their trip. However, we are able to offer High School Juniors and Seniors a scholarship for the Word of Life Bible Institute in New York or Florida! Students just completing their Junior year will receive a $1,000 scholarship, and students just completing their Senior year will receive a $2,000 scholarship towards the Bible Institute tuition cost if they choose to attend!
Yes! We encourage students to recruit as many friends to join them as they can! Feel free to connect them with our office staff ( or (518)494-6338) or direct them to the website to apply!
We welcome youth groups, and their leaders, to participate in our missions trips! We’ve had great experiences with youth groups growing together, serving together and impacting the world for Christ together. The Student Missions team wants to come alongside students and youth leaders and enable your youth group to serve overseas! Feel free to connect members of your youth group with our office staff ( or (518)494-6338) or direct them to the website ( to apply!
That depends on which country you are going to! Word of Life does not require any vaccinations, unless the country itself requires certain vaccinations for entry into the country. You can find more details on country requirements on vaccinations at We also recommend that you talk to your primary care physician for any suggestions they might have before you leave the country!
Advertised trip prices do not include airfare unless otherwise noted.A $200 deposit is due seven months prior to the trip departure date. 50% of the total trip cost (including airfare) is due four months prior to the trip departure date. If airfare is greater than 50% of the total trip cost, then it is the cost of airfare that is due at this time. 100% of the total trip cost is due two months prior to the trip departure date.A late fee of $100 will be added to new registrations received within 90 days of the trip departure date.
Signing up for a missions trip is a big deal and we take it pretty seriously. Here are some items you can anticipate us expecting you to participate in as part of the Student Missions team:
• Support Raising: Each participant is required to raise the full amount of their trip, no exceptions. We also have deadlines (see “Are there any deadlines?”) in place that we ask that you adhere to, these deadlines enable us to purchase airline tickets and provide our overseas staff the funds to set up your housing, food, and transportation prior to your arrival!
• Communication with the Student Missions team: The Student Missions team will be staying in touch with you over the next few months prior to the trip and we ask that our participants commit to checking their email once a week and/or returning our voicemails promptly. We are not soliciting, instead we are doing our best to make sure you are ready for the trip and that your questions are answered. We are looking to build a relationship with you as we prepare together for your missions trip!
• Pre-Boot Camp Prep: We will be sending you a book or two to read before the trip and sending you a link to EvanTell’s training on personal Evangelism. We will provide you with more details as we get closer to the trip date, but you can expect a package from us about 2 months prior to your departure date!
• Personal, Daily Quiet Time: We believe that having a time with the Lord and in His Word every day is an extremely important part of Christian living and growth. As such, we will provide you and your fellow teammates with a daily passage for study and time in the schedule to focus on Him. We will also take time to share what the Lord is teaching us and to pray together as a team, we call this Family Time.
• Following the Word of Life Dress Code: During BootCamp and our time overseas we will expect our participants to adhere to a level of modesty and dress that we feel reflects a desire to honor our brothers and sisters in Christ and a life lived to honor the Lord. We will send you a specific packing list and dress code, approximately 2 months prior to the trip and we welcome any questions that you might have about it! Our goal is to not allow our clothing to distract from the ministry opportunities that God gives us.
We do! For those who are Student Missions Alumni, for each non-alumni participant that you recruit, who raises all of their trip cost and completes the Student Missions trip, they will receive a $100 Apple gift card! If you are a Student Missions Alumni and want to recruit, we are all for that and love that you are willing to share how missions impacted your life! Be sure that your recruits note on their application that you sent them our way so that we know to give you the Apple gift card! Part of missions is mobilizing others to missions!