William is a young man from South Africa who tried to take his life when he was just 12 years old.  He was angry at life and felt all alone. In God’s providence, a family member walked in and found him — and he was rescued.

From that time on, William says he would pray to God because he just figured “as long as I believe there is a God somewhere out there, I will go to heaven.”  But his heart was restless. He didn’t know what happiness was — and he tried to find it in all kinds of other things like drinking, partying and sports — especially rugby.

Everything changed when William was invited to Word of Life summer camp – and his way was PAID through the generous help of friends like YOU!

At camp, William was surrounded by hundreds of smiling, joyful kids who had Christ in their hearts. He was intrigued and a little jealous — he wanted whatever it was these kids had. By Thursday evening of camp, he asked Jesus to be His Savior.

Ever since that day, God has been doing wonderful things in William’s life! His hunger for God’s Word was ignited and now he is a student at Word of Life Discipleship Training Center in South Africa — studying the Bible and looking forward to what God has next!

Thanks to friends like YOU, William’s life was changed by the opportunity to go to summer camp where he not only heard the truth about who Jesus is, but trusted in what Christ did for him on the Cross and began to let the Holy Spirit renew his mind each day through what he read in God’s Word.  Now William is marked by Christ instead of the sin and hopeless condition he previously experienced.

Thank you for making William’s salvation possible!  Will you renew your support for Word of Life and help someone else this year?


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