“It is the responsibility of every generation to reach their generation for Christ.” – Jack Wyrtzen

Many of us remember the day we were saved like it was yesterday. It was the day our lives were changed forever.

That’s why two years ago our Bible Institute students were challenged to share the Gospel with 100,000 people. Word of Life was founded with a passion for evangelism, and we wanted to raise the bar with our students.

The first-year students and staff share the Gospel in New York City through Open Air Evangelism . . . on the same streets Jack Wyrtzen did 80 years earlier. Second-year students take mission trips overseas. Athletic teams share their testimonies with the opposing players at each competition. Student ministry teams participate in all-night youth events, minister in local churches, help those in need throughout the region, and also serve in various roles during the camping season.

Your support makes these opportunities possible. Would you prayerfully consider giving generously today to advance the Gospel, reach the lost, and serve those who need God’s love?

Please help as God leads you today!

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