Before she came to Word of Life as a 16-year-old teenager, Adrianna didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. She went to church on Sundays, but it was HERE that she really gave her life to Jesus and began to pursue Him.

When she graduated high school, she thought the Bible Institute would be the perfect place to help her get grounded in God’s Word before deciding on a career path. As she says, it was an amazing time —

“So many things were still abstract to me. Growing up, I heard sermons on different passages here or there, but at the Bible Institute we studied God’s entire Word.” Adrianna’s time here also helped her discover God’s purposes for her life … “My Bible Institute service assignment was to be a conversation partner with international students. Then I was in a service project tutoring multi-ethnic populations. I had not chosen either of these assignments for myself, but this was how God began to show me I had a love for teaching. So I decided to study elementary education and linguistics. Now I am excited to be serving God in a very diverse neighborhood as an elementary school teacher!”

Teachers have such incredible influence in kids’ lives — and how wonderful that  biblically-trained teachers like Adrianna are being called of God to serve in our public schools. How else will unchurched  children ever get to know about Jesus?

Thank God, someone like YOU decided to “adopt” Adrianna several years ago through our Adopt-a-Student program. “It meant the world to me as a student that someone I didn’t even know was giving of their resources to help me.” Adrianna said. “Even though my own personal funds can be limited as a teacher, I can’t wait to help support another student as the Lord provides! I know how much it meant to me!”


Please help as God leads you today!

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