My goal in life was to play basketball at the college level, but an ACL tear in high school changed all that. The Lord used this time to redirect me toward a career in physical therapy. I wanted to help people just as I was helped. The encouragement to attend the Bible Institute by an alumnus was easily brushed aside. No way was I going there . . .  it appeared to be a huge waste of time. Furthermore, I didn’t know how I could afford it.

My biological mom was addicted to drugs so she gave me and my twin brother up at birth.  A Christian family adopted both of us. My new dad, who was a Vietnam veteran, had been exposed to Agent Orange and died before I got to know him. My adoptive mom remarried and he quickly became my greatest influence. Unfortunately, he died when I was 18, and it was the darkest time in my life. Since then, my mom has been struggling financially. Finding support to come to the Bible Institute was difficult.

Being here has not been a waste of time! By God’s grace and help from the Adopt-A-Student Scholarship, I have been able to complete my first-year! My life will never be the same after attending the Bible Institute. I have built so many strong relationships, dug deep into the Word, and even led 12 people to the Lord this past spring. My whole family has turned their back on God, and I want to be a shining light to them also. I originally did not want to come to the Bible Institute. Now, I thank Him every day that He guided me here and made it possible.


Please help as God leads you today!

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