Thank you all who have been praying! The project is coming along nicely and as you know, the weather has been really great for this time of year which has been a huge blessing. Here are some fast facts of where we are today:
  • Project Team
    • Meets bi-weekly with the construction management team and the architect office. The meetings have been going really well as we focus on quality control and planning for the winter building schedule.
  • Foundations
    • 80% complete – just a few small sections to finish pouring concrete.
  • Foundation Walls
    • 80% complete – you will notice in the pictures how the walls come up out of the group ready for framing.
  • Plumbing
    • The in-ground plumbing for the kitchen is installed and the plumbing for the rest of the building is being worked on now.
  • Electrical
    • The in-ground electrical is in and ran up out ofthe ground ready to be installed in the walls.
  • Contract with C.Raymond Davis
    • Our contract is signed and many of the sub-contractors have been awarded their portions of the job.
  • Site Work
    • it is amazing how nice the site work looks around the building site and will look great in the spring so the views from the lake will look awesome!
  • Next Steps
    • Finish Foundations
    • Framing and Structure – starting later December and Early January
Please continue to pray for great weather and for safety on the site!

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