She’ll introduce herself as Jackie Kibalama, but she’s known by another identity – Sister Shine AKA JK Shine, Gospel Reggae artist. Her music is mostly heard on the Ugandan radio and she’s been described as “one of the freshest, cleanest, super talented, female Reggae sensations on the Gospel music scene in Uganda.”

Quite the compliment – an added reason for surprise at her own self-description when asked to speak about herself. She barely mentioned music at all. In fact, the only thing she talked about was her passion for God’s call to making disciples – and that with mere hints to her passion for music. “I love sharing the Gospel, encouraging others through the love of Christ and reaching out using the gifts that God has given me – which is music – by going to different schools and communities.”

It’s not Jackie’s passion for music that drives her to answer God’s calling; rather, it’s the calling itself. She acknowledged that we’re all called to make disciples, and it’s higher than any personal ambition. The answer to that call manifests itself differently, and Jackie’s ideal is inspiring. “My vision for the future is to see youth empowered, emboldened with passion, standing out for His renown and going out to share this love that binds us together and gives meaning to life. I see myself doing this by reaching out to my generation so that they can reach others with the same Gospel, the same passion and the same call to obedience.”

Jackie’s passion for evangelism and discipleship is the result of God working through her experiences as a young believer. After she gained peace with God through Christ, no one came alongside her to help her experience her relationship with God, so it took time to understand how to truly live and walk as a child of God.

Reconsidering her earlier experiences, Jackie said, “What I really needed was Christ, but in all this time I never knew this, and I rejected His call. But having understood who Christ is, I need to share Him with others.”

To this end, Jackie has purposed to prepare herself in order to achieve her vision of making disciples. “I came to the African Bible Institute because I needed to be equipped to serve God better and learn more of His truth so I can boldly stand to teach the lost and other young women like me.”

Instead of detailing her own ambitions, Jackie has prioritized the Gospel and discipleship; instead of promoting self-centric ambitions, she’s chosen to major in those ambitions given to her by Christ.

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